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Nine Selling Points Nine Selling Points
Nine Selling Points :

1) Flexible Surface Protection (FSP):
The Auri Gold Polymer contains film-forming, cross-linking Cyclo and Dimethicone Copolymers that remain flexible at all times. There are no hard wax type additives that could dry or become brittle and affect the flexible nature of this chemical composition.

2) Restores old paint shine and brilliance:
This product removes surface oxidation on older automotive painted surfaces, cleans new and older car painted surfaces to restore the painted surface color as well as shine/brilliance. These results have been measured and proved by the use of a Glossometer and a QUV weatherometer to measure and test this product as far as durability to the effects of sun, rain and other various factors that would cause problems to automotive painted surfaces.

3) Slick surface to prevent dirt:
While it is not possible to keep cars from becoming dirty this product does have the ability to create a surface tension that reduces the ability of "dry" dirt to adhere to the automotive painted surface. This product also contains anti-static additives to repel dirt and create a surface that enables the dirt and dust to be easily removed.

4) Anti-static to keep a clean car cleaner longer:
This product contains a special Ethoxylated Sorbitan Ester anti-static additive that is designed to attach to the polymers and prevent excessive dirt from attaching to the surface as well as any build-up of dirt.

5) Sheeting action to prevent water spots:
The chemicals that make up this product form a Dimethicone Copolymer film that enables water to sheet and not "bead" off on your automobile's paint surface. This new technology prevents water spots that are actually the build up of water-borne mineral deposits (from forming).

6) UV protection-protect-maintain finish:
This product contains a dual band, broad spectrum UV inhibitor that protects your automobile's painted surfaces against the harmful effects of the sun's UV rays, both UVA and UVB.

7) For old and new cars:
This area seems to fall under the category as listed in Item #2. This product is safe and effective for both old and new automobiles as it contains no abrasives or hash chemicals. This product will not harm clearcoat finishes and will produce quality results for all types of cars with the exception of ones that are severely oxidized, improperly painted or damaged in any other way that makes any wax/polish impossible to restore the finish and would need the automobile to be professionally repainted.

8) Easy application:
The chemical composition of this product enables it to be very easily applied as well as removed. It should not be applied to a hot surface and it is recommended that the surface be cool (65-75 degrees F), clean and dry prior to application. Apply and remove one section at a time for maximum ease of application and removal. Buff to a high gloss shine.

9) Acid Rain Protection - maintain finish:
The polymer system in the Auri Gold product is an amino functional one. This allows the polymers to cross-link bonding to the vehicle's painted surface. This leaves behind a residual basicity (negative charge) to effectively protect the automotive surface from the effects of acid rain. This will protect and maintain the surface with aide of other facets of various chemicals in this formula.

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